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A New Journey

Sometimes the art makes the artist. Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Keionn “The Sovereign” Gray is a prolific storyteller whose talents span a wide range of mediums including songwriting, production, engineering, graphics, videography, and business.
Growing up it was evident that he possessed an affinity towards the creative and a desire to pursue greater. His work ethic and enigmatic demeanor separated him from the struggles and dangers of his environment, allowing him to stand out amongst his peers. Having no prior knowledge or experience with music, Keionn chose to pursue a degree in Music Industry from Tiffin University. Throughout his time there his raw talent and charismatic performances allowed him progress greatly within the art form.
Garnering attention on SoundCloud with his songs I Might and Support your local SoundCloud Rapper it was clear he found his purpose. After the release of two successful self produced mixtapes, Until We Meet Again(2018) and Everybody Needs You (2020), he released his first music video for his breakout single False Pride in the summer of 2020.
Keionn’s music is a testament to his journey and the constant pursuit of greatness. Currently a bigger and better story awaits us in 2021 as he has teased new music coming this summer.
Stay tuned...

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